Udemy – Super Beginner Guitar – start right, start awesome [100% off]

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Super Beginner Guitar is designed to help beginner guitarists start in the best way possible. It focuses on building correct techniques early in areas that some guitarists don’t learn until years into their playing. The course instructor gives useful ‘real-world’ insight into guitar playing and demonstrates the future potential of many simple techniques. 
Topics include: individual strings, powerchords, open chords, simple melodies and a touch of theory. Course emphasis is on building correct technique in a positive and creative atmosphere. 
All sections come with a downloadable PDF that fully cover each video lesson and other support material. Multiple camera angles allow the student to see things from different perspectives and support the learning process. 
This course is suitable for all styles, left or right handed, and suitable for children. It sets beginner students on a path to guitar success through diverse and interesting lessons set in an encouraging, vibrant atmosphere. 

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