Udemy – Success Blueprint: Transform Your Life Via Mastermind Groups [100% off] Worth $97!

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Course Description

  • Top Udemy Instructors with a combined Student base of 12,000, 12 Courses and over 450 Five Star Reviews
  • Course Launched October ’15

They say you’re the average of the first 10 people you surround yourself with. What if, during the past year, when talking about those 10 friends you could say that:

-4 members from the close group have launched Udemy businesses with one achieving 6-figures per year

-Another member quit their corporate career to launch an successful online business

-And outside of business, 2 members quit smoking and we’ve had dozens of conversations, some serious and some fun over a few drinks, that have taken us to new heights mentally that cannot be quantified.

These are just a few of the results that our Mastermind Group has had over the past year.

The Concept

A ‘Mastermind’ is a term created by Napoleon Hill upon analysing what hundreds of successful people had in common and realising that they all had specialists behind them which elevated their performance to the next level. It’s comprised of a bunch of individuals who share the same values, objectives & vision and who work together in order for each to progress and reach their aspirations.

What about this course?

Having existed for over 3 years and throughout 5 events, this Mastermind Group has seen a lot of different situations. We’ll take you from A to Z on how to create your very own Mastermind. It doesn’t necessarily have to be business related – it can be about anything (relationships, hobbies, sports) as long as you all share the same values & core objectives.

Find out exactly how to:

  • Create & organise the Mastermind Group including how to add new members, deal with passive ones, communicate, set goals, find accountability buddies & much more
  • Prepare for the Mastermind Event, generate excitement around it, plan the activities & prepare life-changing workshops that will provide every member with immense value
  • Conduct the actual event flawlessly, learn from your mistakes & develop a better plan for the following event

Many more aspects are present, including the following bonuses:

  • Our mastermind email templates to immediately kickstart your mastermind creation process
  • Our mastermind schedule, Excel & PowerPoint templates so you can copy & paste the structure of our mind blowing events
  • Case Studies about the impact of our Group on our lives, Success stories and failures

The Guarantee

This course has a 30-day Money-back guarantee, but we’re confident that you won’t even consider it because of the tremendous value it offers. If you’re not satisfied with the content, I’ll jump on a 30 minute Skype call with you to assess your Mastermind Group perspectives or give you advice on how to organise your Group.

Take Action!

Being in a successful & engaging Mastermind has changed our lives for the better. We truly hope this course inspires you to take action & achieve your goals with the help of your tight-knit community. If that sounds like you, then take this course now and join us in the virtual classroom!


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