Udemy Success 2 -Tips to Create Good Udemy Courses in 7 days [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

3842 SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS have already taken Rosa’s Udemy Online Courses with 78 Reviews.

LATEST: Course Updated On August 8, 2015!


Udemy Success 2 – Learn Quick Tips from a Udemy Instructor (Teaching 28 Udemy Courses) to Get a Quality Udemy Course Up in 7 Days with EASE!

Who is this course for?

1. This Course is PERFECT for Udemy Starters! You are going to fast track your course creation from all my 12 months of trials and errors in course creation. You will cruise along much faster from my failures and successes.

2. The Course is PERFECT for Udemy Instructors who are frustrated and discouraged in the course creation process. This course will help TAP into the power of keeping you FOCUSED and feeling ACCOMPLISHED right to the end.

Are you having a hard time getting up a Udemy course? You almost want to give up. You are not earning from all the hard work you put into preparing the courses. Many things are calling your attention, and you do not know where to focus. Publishing a course seems too difficult and too much work!

Well I have good news for you. I have published 28 courses at Udemy in the past year. You ask, “How do you do that?” And they are not short courses with just 5 sections & 10 lectures. They are medium sized high quality Udemy courses that students keep buying and buying!

Here’s the Secret: Having created 28 courses, I understanding the complexity of creating a Udemy course with high quality. In this course, I break the entire process up into manageable and actionable steps. Step 8in the course is my turning point to getting my fully organized and highly productivity to getting my video lectures recorded quickly one after another. Step 9 helps you to see everyone at one glance that yes, you can do it! You need to be able to visualize the final product in your heart and mind! This is one of the top secret of beating procrastination and overcoming initial struggles. From there on, your productivity from Day 3 cruises on. Keeping yourself fully organized is the KEY. “Less is More”!

Maybe you have been having a hard time waiting around to get your courses approved by the Review team. There is always something lacking and missing and therefore the entire process of getting approval is delayed.

Here’s another Secret: Make sure you set up your profile setting correctly. Get organized. I have prepared actions steps for you to take so that you can become highly productive & move from one step to another in these coming 7 days.

Get to work and get your first Udemy course up by next week. Once you know what you want to teach, you have a skill to share with others, you just need to quickly set up a good efficient working station for yourself & follow my 7 Day Plan.

Follow me to create high quality Udemy courses that get accepted in the Udemy platform:

  • 25 Steps – A successful journey is paved with moving forward steps!
  • 5 Steps only takes 1 minute work, but they are crucial steps to your success
  • 5 Success Tips to Powerful Udemy Course Creation
  • 5 Final Smart Tips in Final Completion – Very IMPORTANT for SEO purposes


Here is what you will learn in this course. This course specifically focuses on the Udemy platform so that you can quickly have your course approved by the Udemy Review team.


1. Udemy Success Tips – Think Outside the Box

2. 3 Short Tips of Success – Turn Defeat Into Victory

3. Success Tip 1: Less is More

4. Success Tip 2: $0 Earning

5. Success Tip 3: Negative Reviews

Two Big Useful Tips:

1. Success Tip 4: Crucial Point – Students will quit or continue

2. Success Tip 5: Single Point of Focus

Day 1: Start NOW – One Minute work for each small steps

Small Action Step 1: Udemy makes this so SIMPLE!

Small Action Step 2: This can be changed before submitting

Small Action Step 3: Become a Premium Instructor – a MUST

Small Action Step 4: Make it Paid – a MUST

Small Action Step 5: Course Image – Free, why not?

Day 2: Course Creation – One Day Work!

Step 6: Take this Course – 2 Hours

Step 7: Use Google Docs to Create Outline

Sample of My Outline

Step 8.: So Simple! My Secret Tap to Creating 28 Courses in 1 Year

Step 9: So Powerful! – Visual Glance for the mind and heart to get going!

Day 3: Course Videos: Set up an Efficient Work Station

Step 10: Get organized with the Camtasia Recording Station

Step 11: Power point slides – Avoid this mistake

Step 12: Start Recording Lecture 3

Step 13: Submit TEST Video

Step 14: Get Approval of Test Video

Biggest Hurdle – Overcome Video/Audio Dfficulty

Step 15: My Easy way to Clean out Background Noise

Step 16: My trick to remove echoey and hollow sound

Day 4:-6: Record Video Lectures & Editing

Step 17: One at a time

Step 18: Introduction & Conclusion

Step 19: Big Tip: Do this last!

Day 7: Smart Tips in the Final Step of Completion

Step 20: Final Smart Tip 1: Landing Page – Not Set & Forget

Step 21: Final Smart Tip 2: Importance of Keywords

Step 22: Final Smart Tip 3: Use Action Verbs & Capitalize

Step 23: Final Smart Tip 4: Let people have a peek

Step 24: Final Smart Tip 5: SEO purpose

Step 25: Final Smart Tip 6: Final Look!

Come on in and enroll into this class and I will see you inside,



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