Udemy – Strategy Building like a Pro Trader: The A – Z’s [97% off] Worth $499!!

Strategy Building like a Pro Trader: The A - Z's


In this course you will be taught a comprehensive set of skills that aim to develop you into a complete and successful trader. 
We start off by teaching you about the different types of financial markets and what they are used for.
You will learn how to trade different financial instruments. Instruments include – learning to trade derivative formats of indices, stocks, forex, commodities and CFD’s. 
Learn technical analysis which allows you to analyse any chart, we go in-depth into indicator analysis showing you how to use indicators to time the markets and spot entries, exits, momentum and trends.
A very important section in this course is the money management section, this refers to stop loss management techniques, target setting, partial closing and all in all risk analysis. 
Become an Intraday or End of Day trader, learn how to build strategies for both.
We teach you to develop your own trading strategies from scratch, learn how to back test your strategy for a Intraday or End Of Day(EOD) trader, download our back testing sheets to measure and monitor the expectancy of each of your strategies. This allows you to trade just about any chart that’s put in front of you, and know its expectancy, whether profitable or not and test it on a demo trading account. You will be able to adapt your strategy as the markets change and refine it further to your liking. 
A big factor in trading is phycology, your emotions are not your friend when it comes to trading and we dive deep into controlling your emotions and changing your belief systems about the markets and money, to gear your mind for trading and getting your mind and the markets in sync.
Learn about chart formations and how to profit from them. 
You’ll be taught how to navigate and master the trading platform Meta Trader 4.
This course will suit novices and pro’s alike, as this course is well structured to transform you from a novice to a professional trader.