Udemy – Strategy and Competition for Entrepreneurs [100% off]

Course Description

During my experience working sometimes as right hand of entrepreneurs and other times as consultant for executive boards and CEOS I have realized that if these managers had formal knowledge on Competitive Strategy probably some of their decisions would have been different.
This course covers the most important tools to perform a Strategic Analysis of a company, which most of them belong to the field of Business Analysis so that you know what is the status of the studied firm from every angle. Once you perfectly understand your firm and its potential the course then moves to the explanation of some basic theories on Competitive Strategy. 
The course is structured following what could be the structure of a Strategic Report made for an executive board or potential investors so, by completing the course you won’t be only improving your skills as manager and decision maker but also you will know how to create professional reports addressing the firm’s health from a number of perspectives and include suggestions to help the firm achieve its goals. 
As the course is intended for entrepreneurs, who have a really busy life, the length of this course will always be under three hours. New content will be added but the length will be kept under three hours.
This course will help you evaluate your firm or any other firm, come up with ideas to make the firm more competitive towards its rivals and more importantly it will make you become a better decision maker. 
Take a look at the free preview of some of the lessons so that you know what you will find once enrolled and remember that there is a 30 days money back guarantee so that joining the course is risk-free for you.
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