Udemy – Strategic Brand Management – Be a Successful Brand Manager [100% off] Worth $99 !

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Strategic Brand Management – Be a Successful Brand Manager


This course is designed to help Students, professionals, entrepreneurs learn and apply Brand strategies, tactics. Building a brand that resonates with your customers can be a challenge. In Building A Strong Brand, you’ll learn what the most important characteristics of a powerful brand are. This is a practical course that provides you with the skills needed to build a strong brand for business. This course will cover all the bases: brand name, logo, slogan, positioning, packaging, public relations, e-marketing, social media, all forms of advertising, non-traditional media, and more. The course starts explaining what exactly a brand is. Lots of case studies have been taken in this course for a better understanding of Branding Strategy. This course is a must for Marketing Students, Professionals and entrepreneurs. This course has been designed and delivered by experts from Marketing Industry. 

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