Udemy – Stop Blushing Now Using NLP Techniques [100% off]

Course Description

In this course by Pradeep Aggarwal , You will learn very powerful and NLP techniques like Anchoring, Mind triggers, circle of excellence, affirmations and visualization to overcome blushing during important situations of life like a business meeting, public speech , social gatherings etc , where you require to be calm, relaxed and confident.
We all tend to feel shy and start blushing when the blood flows through our face making it very obvious in front of others . Using these simple techniques you will be able to overcome all of these and feel more confident and happy instantly.
This course includes-
  • Lecture1:Introduction To The Course
  • Section2:Stop Blushing Now Using NLP Techniques
    Lecture 2:Learn To Relax Instantly
  • Lecture3:Anchoring Technique To Get The Feeling Of Confidence And Relaxation
  • Lecture4:Blush To Confidence Switch Technique
  • Lecture5:Learn To Instantly Change Your Feeling In Important Situations
  • Lecture6:Circle Of Excellence Technique – Introduction
  • Lecture7:Circle Of Excellence Technique- Exercises
  • Lecture8:Affirmations And Visualization Techniques
  • Lecture 9:Summary Of The Course

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