Udemy – Step by step guide to understand how business perform [100% off]

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Course Description

Have you ever wondered how people analyze a business before investing?

Do you want to learn the “basics on analyzing business performance’?

Have you ever tried reading the business annual report, struggling to understand the statements due to the huge information overload? You open up the annual report, view the statements but have no clue on how to extract the information to analyze the business.

People are often interested in knowing on how businesses perform but they have no clue on how it really works and what are the basis which are commonly used in analyzing a business.

This course teaches you how to read the financial statements and extract the necessary figures to assist in analyzing the business performance. There have been many struggles in calculating the ratios and as such i have included a ratio calculator spreadsheet which will speed up the calculation process.

Concepts are explained in a simple form and as such, it is suitable for beginners. You will be able to follow along and gain confidence in analyzing business on your own in no-time. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

✔ Understand the financial statements which are provided in businesses.

✔ Calculate key ratios.

✔ Understand how this ratios can be used to analyze the business performance

✔ Get access to the Ratio calculator spreadsheet.

If you are serious about learning he basic fundamental of analyzing a business, click ‘Take This Course’ now and start building up your confidence in analyzing a business.


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