Udemy – Startup Finance: How To Raise Small Business Loans & Grants [100% off]

Startup Finance: How To Raise Small Business Loans & Grants

Course Description

Welcome to The Small Business Funding Course!
Where you will learn to raise upto $50,000 effectively.
About Me
Over the past few years I worked as a business adviser helping entrepreneurs raise money as well as having the experience of raising Loans & Grants for many of my own businesses. I have also sat on loan panels, attended loan panel meetings with clients and referred numerous people for funding.
I began my career as small business owner then transitioned to becoming a Business Adviser and University lecturer.I have helped 100’s of people start their own businesses and raise Startup funding.
About The Course
I designed this course to provide the step by step process and principles that will help you raise the funding you need either as a start up or a growing business. I will be teaching you exact methods that I have used to get loans and grant funding repeatedly! . You will use the same practical methods to access the funding you need for your business .
I have included:
  1. A Cashflow Template
  2. Funding Sources
  3. Partnership checklist
Load more to come

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