Udemy – Startup Accelerator – Monopolize Your Market [100% off] Worth $199!

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Course Description

Do you have what it takes to succeed in your own business or startup? Do you want to hack into strategies and methods used by some of the world’s most prolific serial entrepreneurs, savvy business owners, academics and authors?

Some people are born leaders. But nobody is a born manager or business owner. Even if it is your destiny to start your own business, it’s best to learn and apply tried and tested methods and best practices before you go any further.

This course gives you the toolbox you need to build and grow a business into a thriving enterprise. Our goal is to make your competition irrelevant. In fact, we’ll discover ways to have your competitors refer business to you. By following the processes and guidance in this course … by studying and applying it’s no nonsense advice, you’ll build a turnkey operation from the ground up.

The course is divided into presented in 5 Pillars of Mastery. Each is packed with relevant action plans and no nonsense real world advice. Let’s start putting theory into practical, real-world actionable advice.

Business Strategy – Brainstorm on ways to create your own market and avoid competing with your competitors. Determine what you do best and what you can be the best in your industry at.

Customers & Market – We’ll learn how not to be all things to all people. Strategies to find your target customer and market and how to give them what they truly want by creating your Unique Value Proposition

Team – Put together a super team of talented people by mining for and discovering their true strengths before you hire them

Marketing – Stop wasting money on branding and meaningless advertising. Discover proven marketing methods that actually work for business startups. You’ll learn my 5 commandments of marketing mastery that will put your marketing department on cruise control

Operations – Put it all together on a one page business plan. Learn ways to streamline and optimize your back office and operations so that you can deliver on what you promise to customers.

I have taught this material in seminars and workshops for upwards of $2,000. I have been engaged by companies on consulting projects utilizing these tools at prices in the thousands of dollars. You can now tap into this knowledge and experience for a fraction of that amount.



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