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Course Description

Does this sound like you?

People come to you with advice on their personal problems.

You have expertise in a business area you can share with others.

You decide you want to be a coach!

So you have finally decided that you want to start your own coaching program, congratulations! You are now faced with the problem of knowing just how to go about setting up your own coaching program. There are several key elements to think about when setting up a coaching program. These areas are covered in section one of this course including:

  • Do you have the stuff to be a good coach
  • Figuring out how you will deliver the program
  • Getting coaching clients
  • Pricing your program
  • Knowing the right niche to be in
  • Measuring Success

Delivering your program can be done in several ways as well, the following are covered in section two of this course:

  • Use a closed Facebook group
  • Phone or Skype calls
  • Offer one on one coaching sessions
  • Provide group coaching

Continued success of any coaching program depends on several factors. Your reputation and brand help to sustain the business. Section three looks at best practice areas like:

  • Best practice for business coaches
  • Tips for personal coaching
  • Establishing the coaching relationship
  • Developing confidence in your abilities
  • Staying focused with your business

A successful coaching business can be rewarding both personally and financially. This course cab help lay the foundation for developing your own business.

You do not need a fancy office or professional location to establish your business. You can base it out of your home or online. The possibilities of this are endless!


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