Udemy – Speak as Smooth as Silk: Public Speaking Made Simple [100% off]

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Speak as Smooth as Silk is designed to help YOU to master the art of ‘Speech Delivery’ in Public Speaking. When we say ‘SPEECH DELIVERY’, we refer to the different aspects of your vocal and non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication includes eye contact, movement, stance, facial expressions, and gestures. This 40 to 45 minutes course contains videos, checklists, and supplementary material to give you the best learning experience in least amount of time as possible. 
The course is divided into the following sections:
  • In Introduction, you’ll get a chance to analyze your current delivery skills by using ‘ Current Analysis and Your Distracting Mechanism’ checklist.
  • Understanding how the ‘Body’ communicates –
  1. Explaining three levels of Eye contact; how to connect with audience using eye contact
  2. How to use Movement to communicate an idea
  3. How to use Stance to exhibit credibility and confidence
  4. How to get your Facial expressions right to match your intent
  5. Different steps in Gesturing such as how to place fingers, what is stroke, how to use hands.
  • A dive into your voice to sound clear, find your optimum tone, connect with your audience. You need not worry about technical jargons of tone, pitch, or intonation.
  • Putting it all together. Explaining concept of muscle memory, Create a detailed practice checklist that will help you evolve as a smooth speaker. Illustration video to validate the application of the techniques taught in this course. The instructor is giving the presentation to a real audience. You should not miss this!
  • Steps to take on your D-Day to seem smooth on stage.

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