Udemy – Social Media Marketing for Business, Startups & Specialists [100% off]

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Social Media Marketing for Business, Startups & Specialists

Course Description

The Complete Course – social media, content, newsletter & blogging. From total beginner to Social Media Ninja.

Everything from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquere to social media managment, blogging and newsletter (e-mail marketing).

With this video course you will see how to squeeze more from social media!

  • You will learn how to act at once on multiple social media platforms, blogging and newsletter.
  • You will learn how to stay on top in social media.
  • You will learn how to use social media managment & automation.

How to stay on top in social media?

This course is compendium of knowledge about social media marketing. I want to show you how to market in social media.

After this course you will be well-equipped to do marketing at any social media website. You can be on top in: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or a platform that has not yet been put on the web.

How to use social media automation?

Using social media is free. Is it really?

Partially it’s true, you don’t have to pay anything for setting up a Facebook fanpage, a YouTube channel or Pinterest, Foursquare, LinkedIn.

But to say social media are cost-free is only true if your time is free as well.

What this is about is not simply being on Facebook, it’s about a strategy for a social media presence. It takes time. I want to show in this course how to plan and go through with your presence strategy using tools that can help you squeeze more from social media and save your time.

If your time is free, you can do this manually. You can grab a mug of coffee, open your Facebook page, answer comments and think about what you’ll post next. But if you have errands to run and business to do,wait for the tools I’m going to show you.

What does this course give you?

  • Learn how to market in social media: especially Facebook and Twitter.
  • How to build audience in social media and engage them?
  • Strategy & communication in social media – tips&tools.
  • Facebook – successful fanpage, admin panel, apps, offer and contest.
  • Twitter – success within a 140-character tweet.
  • Foursquere – idea for marketing of places.
  • Content – how to create good content on blog, Twitter or Facebook to get the best engagement.
  • Get better at blogging – create good post, improve your authority and find great traffic sourece.
  • Power of newsletters – idea & tips.
  • Media Monitoring – be prepared to respond to customers and react to a crisis in social media
  • Social Media Managment – how to optimize and do stuff as efficiently as possible.
  • Save your time – Social Media Automation – tools & tips.

In this 89 part social media course you will learn how to use Social Media Marketing in effectively and smart way.

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