Udemy – Social Media and Technology in the Supply Chain [100% off]

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This course addresses the multiple issues social media and new technology generates in the supply chain and logistics markets (“SC&L”). The industry terminology used throughout this course, is mainstream within SC&L industry. The course focuses on traditional communications in the SC&L which until now have been unidirectional, in that it informs only in one direction or another, e.g., customer relationship management (“CRM”) – aimed at just for consumers. Social media amalgamated with new technology is now enabling omnidirectional communications, which is contributing to increased complexity in the SC&L. 
This course addresses the communication issues affecting and impacting on distribution road, air, sea and rail, that is applicable to manufacturing, production and retail. So whatever your current position employed within SC&L function, this course will give you a practical understanding of the impact of social media in the supply chain and its consequences. 
This course is structured in 4 sections with 35 lectures and should take students about 3.5hrs to complete. The student will be additionally rewarded as the trainer corroborates each lecture with practical real time experience, giving the student real time comprehension of operations in SC&L. If you are working in SC&L in roles such as; procurement, operations, distribution, sales and marketing, distribution, freight management and manufacturing functions – this is a course for you