Udemy – Sniper ETF Trading System (2105) – Hacking The Stock Market [100% off]

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SNIPER ETF TRADING SYSTEM – 1 Shot 1 Kill ******************************************************************
The Course is updated thru January 2015.
Be Honest With Yourself and Answer This Question…
“Do you ever get mad at yourself or the market when you lose money?”
If you answered “yes” then you’re trading based on emotion.
The market is like the weather. They’re both powerful natural forces, yet you would never get mad at yourself or at the sky if the weather turned nasty, would you?
The top 5% of traders look at the market like the weather… they depersonalize the market and respect the power that it has. Just like a tornado or a major storm, the market can be volatile at times, but it also has its calm, sunny days too. These are totally natural occurrences in the cycle of any natural environment.
how many traders think the market is out to “get them”? Many have that attitude… and that’s why they lose money.
When You Discover How to View the Market and read the market like you have never know before.

Be the top 1% of a trading elite group