Udemy – Skills that Pay the Bills: Comprehensive Guide to Get Hired [100% off] Worth $247!!

Skills that Pay the Bills: Comprehensive Guide to Get Hired

Course Description

Greetings Udemy Community!
  1. If you’re tired of applying to job after job with no call-backs, this course is for you.
  2. If you’re frustrated at how long it’s taking you to get back to work, this course is for you.
  3. If you truly believe that you can be a valuable asset to employers, this course is for you.
  4. If you’re angry that you’re currently unemployed or underemployed, this course is for you.
  5. If you’re tired of wasting your time, and losing money because you don’t have an effective job search strategy, this course is for you.
“Skills that Pay the Bills” is the first and ONLY course of its kind on Udemy. You don’t have to take 5 or 6 courses, all you need to do is take this one course. It will change the entire trajectory of your career if you learn and APPLY the simple, purposeful, and powerful steps that are taught. 
This course isn’t a bunch of random job search strategies put together. It will challenge your thinking, push you outside of your comfort zone, and level the playing field so that you can compete against other job seekers applying to the same jobs you are. 
I guarantee, that if you do the work, you will get results. As an extra boost, I will complete a FREE rapid resume review for EACH AND EVERY STUDENT who completes the course and provides a review. In the course you receive my PERSONAL email address so that I can stay informed about your progress. 
This course is not about making anything EASY for you. It’s about providing you with strategies, tactics, wisdom, resources, and support so that you can succeed at the toughest parts of the job search.
I typically work with executives to help them get back to work, and now I want to help as many people as possible. That’s why this course is now on Udemy. If you want to get hired for a job in the USA, this course is for you. Success and failure is not random. It’s a choice. Make the choice to be successful…today! 
Add this course to your wish list or start learning now! 

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