Udemy – Invention Patent Kit [100% off]

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Course Description

Andrew Magdy Kamal an inventor with a large patent portfolio and years of experience teams up with David Anderton, an MITx Global Entrepreneur to create this ultimate course. In this course you are expected to learn:

  1. Useful tips about patents
  2. Is your invention idea worth it?
  3. How to create a landing page for your invention?
  4. How to set up analytics for your inventions landing page?
  5. A website or landing page is the most important tool when getting ready to market an invention or product.

The materials included will be: Forms, Tool Kits, Scripts, and Tutorials to get you off your feet and give you a head start in the invention game. The course is structured through presentations and short tutorial videos and can be completed within 2 or 3 hours. However, we recommend you take some time to go over some of the material.