Udemy – SharePoint 2013: How to Quickly Create Quality Surveys [99% off]

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Course Description

You, your co-workers, your company, can’t make good decisions without information.

With this course you can learn how to collect meaningful information with SharePoint.

With SharePoint Surveys You Can:

  • Create web-based questionnaires
  • Collect data in an efficient, and cost-effective way
  • Summarize your results
  • and more.


Take a look at the lectures for the example survey in Section 2, they are free.

To get a real understanding about Survey Maintenance, watch Section 3.

When you want to become really comfortable creating surveys in SharePoint, complete all the lectures, including the Test Your Skills, Bonus Resources, and Speed Challenge sections, after all the name of the course is Create Surveys in a Matter of Minutes.

This course will help you create SharePoint surveys in no time at all.


Exercises and Handouts

Along with video content, step-by-step handouts will help you reinforce what you learned, walk you through new survey exercises.

Is This Course for You?

This course is for anyone whose job responsibilities include working with SharePoint, and who wants to create a poll, track issues, gather information, or build a tool for in-depth research.

To ensure your success, knowledge of basic features of SharePoint, like site navigation, is recommended.


Enroll now to learn how to collect meaningful information with SharePoint.



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