Udemy – Achieve all of your leadership Goals [100% off] Worth $99!

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Shape your future and achieve all of your leadership Goals

Course Description

Welcome to Leap Training- Jumpstart Your Career

Join our 600 plus students in improving their Leadership skills!

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Join our 600 plus students in Jump-starting their career and increasing their earnings to their full potential. Achieve all of your Leadership Goals and start shaping your future.

So If you too are stuck in the wrong job, dreading Monday mornings, struggling to manage your team or want to apply for those higher paid management roles then this is the course for you.

If you want to lead with your true potential and start grabbing those promotions, or want to lead your own show, this course shows you how. Start achieving those goals now.

Leadership skills are in short supply within our local communities, workplaces and nations. If you wish to have your view heard and want to start leading others then this course provides you with an opportunity to consider new ways of communicating.

We include career planning, top tips for Leaders, workshops for Appreciative Enquiries, powerful communication techniques and lots more including: a typical leadership scenario that demonstrates the difficulties of leading team members and managing challenging conversations. We meet Sam who is facing some challenges within his team meetings.

Containing Leap Training films that are developed to inspire and provoke new thought, we work together throughout the course looking at Sam’s choices in leading his team.

In addition to the films we have professional Powerpoint presentations, quizzes, lectures and briefings that test your knowledge and support you in developing your skills.

This course will take just over 1 and a half hour to complete.

Throughout the course we will be considering different leadership styles and choices in communication methods.

Most of the content is visual and audio so if written English is an issue you will enjoy the interactivity of the films.

We are aiming to provoke new thought and inspire you to look in new directions for your next leadership challenge. We include a n exciting new E career workbook for you to develop your new career, or apply for that promotion.

The ethos of the course is to support you to develop your own authentic style of leadership.


Packed full of quality content you will be challenged and inspired to look at new Leadership communication styles. We include tips and hints on managing challenging conversations and an additional workshop onAppreciative Inquiry is included so if you wish to provide workshops to improve quality, its all here ready to go!

Look out for our other UDEMY Courses as we are creating new ones on a monthly basis.

SO if you are undervalued in your current role and want to start working and earning to your full potential start our course today and the limited offer price and Jumpstart your career TODAY.

We have over 20 Years experience in delivering inspiring training and engaging professionally shot films, this course engages students in real life scenarios, we meet Sams team as they struggle to improve their performance.

We look forward to working with you.


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