Udemy – Sex Education for ages 13-18 [100% off]

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This course covers both male and female sex ED.
How long will it take to complete this course?
52 minutes of lectures and hours of activities and journal writings.
What is this course about?
In this course your child will 
1) become aware of one’s positive qualities; 
2) identify things about oneself that can be changed; 
3) identify potential work skills and strengths, 
4) understand the meaning of values; 
5) identify personal, family, religious, and cultural values; 
6) explore where values come from; 
7) discover which values are most important personally; 
8) examine the relationship between values and behaviour; 
9) practice communicating values to others; 
10) practice accepting the values of others, 
11) learn which behaviors can enhance or destroy a relationship; 
12) understand the nature of family relationships and what influences them; 
13) identify qualities that develop and define friendship and romantic relationships; 
14) define sexuality as more than genital sexual activity; 
15) learn what human sexuality is and how it affects our behaviour; 
16) become more comfortable talking and asking questions about sexuality; 
17) review how male and female bodies develop and change during puberty; 
18) discuss how feelings and relationships change during sexual development; 
19) review how human reproduction occurs; 
20) review and dispel myths about sexual activity and reproduction; 
21) learn how to care for sexual and reproductive organs;
22) learn about sexual orientation, 
23) learn what stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination mean; 
24) examine stereotypes about gender and learn how stereotyping affects relationships; 
25) learn about, meet, and develop empathy for a variety of people; 
26) identify sexual behaviors that put one at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS; 
27) correct misinformation about unprotected sexual intercourse and its consequences; 
28) learn basic facts about STD/HIV infection; 
29) identify contraceptive methods that reduce the risk of pregnancy and STD/HIV infection; and 
30) develop increased understanding of and compassion for people with AIDS.