Udemy – Seven Days To Better Udemy Marketing, Even If You Hate It! [100% off] Worth $197!!

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Course Description

This course is a seven-day plan to optimize your Udemy course for success.

If you are disappointed about the number of sales you have made with your course until this moment, or if you just start out with your first course, then this is the course for you!

Based on real-life examples and on-screen research, you will learn strategically to do the things one by one, which need to be done to get your course ranked high in the Udemy marketplace Algorithm.

  • Why the right title of the course is essential and tool to measure that
  • How to make the titles of the lessons attractive
  • How to get Social Proof by increasing the number of students to at least 1000
  • How to get reviews without hindering your students

Learn in a step by step way

  1. for your promo video: different sort of talking heads and use of a teleprompter
  2. The fastest way to a professional animated Intro video
  3. How to write an Instructors Bio in the style of your course
  4. The importance of a mobile-friendly picture
  5. How to use free and paid coupon groups
  6. Different strategies for getting reviews in a polite way
  7. What to do after your course is online for a while to get more sales.

The course is based on the experience of the teacher, who published her first course 4 months ago, and now has over 3000 students, over 50 5 star reviews, a nice monthly income and satisfied students, who ask for more. The style of teaching is personal and down to earth. No bullet points, no slides. Promised!