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Course Description

This course is a module in the Selling to American Businesses from Anywhere in the World series. This module focuses on integrity-based Business-to-Business telephone canvassing. (Much of the information in it also works for in-person sales as well as telemarketing.) You’ll be more productive within two weeks.

Businesspeople prefer to be spoken to in a certain way when they make a buying decision. U.S. businesspeople prefer casual conversations in most cases. The phrases you’ll develop in this course will help you to make sales. If you’re a U.S. citizen, you’ll find phrases that will help you. If you live outside of the U.S.A., you’ll get insight that would normally take years to develop.

For example, U.S. businesspeople do not like to haggle extensively. This is different from sales in Mexico and many other countries. The phases in this series will help you to relate to U.S. businesspeople and to succinctly explain the advantages of your product or service.

Truly understanding your product or service, from each customer’s point-of-view is the key to everything from preparing every sales presentation an effective cold telemarketing call to an “elevator” pitch that you deliver face-to-face.

This module empowers you to answer a series of questions that will help you to identify these magic sales words for each of your products. At first, you’ll find this difficult to do. However, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is, once you set up the right environment.

Perhaps the second most valuable thing that you’ll get from this course is a full understanding of a why it’s necessary to renew your prospect’s interest every 18-seconds. Once you understand this, you’ll be much more productive.

The course includes:

  • Videos that explain the instructor’s background;
  • Videos that provide step-by-step processes for developing succinct sales phrases that set you aside from other salespeople;
  • Audio lectures that help you to focus on developing your magic sales words;
  • Integrity-based telephone sales presentations; and
  • Supplementary written materials

If you are highly motivated, you can do this course in one day, but it’s probably best to digest each lecture and budget a week to finish.

Purchase this course if you:

  • Are an inside or outside salesperson who wants to close more sales;
  • Manage salespeople and want a resource to motivate them to do their best; or
  • Want to support a salesperson or sales manager;
  • Are not involved in sales but want to persuade people to adopt your ideas.

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