Udemy – Selenium Starter program [100% off]

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Selenium Starter program
Are you a manual tester and looking to explore the Automation world?
Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you think of coding in Automation?
Then this is the ideal course for you!!!
The Selenium starter program starts with introduction to Test Automation and provides basic knowledge on Selenium tools suite – Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium GRID and Selenium WebDriver. The course then progresses with Selenium IDE detailed knowledge and hands on exercise on Selenium IDE. This helps a manual tester to get started with automation using the record and play mode. 
The next section covers the essential Java Basics commands which are needed for getting started with Selenium WebDriver. The course starts with step by step configuration of Java and Eclipse IDE with adequate screenshots. The course then goes ahead with simple explanation of all the essential Java commands with examples in Eclipse IDE.
The last section covers WebDriver commands needed to get started with Selenium WebDriver automation. It also covers two exercises which covers how the WebDriver commands has been used to automate a particular task
  1. The Selenium starter program is an affordable program and is meant for all who want to get into Test Automation. This program is easy to pick up and doesn’t need prior Java experience.
  2. This program covers Java basics to help non-programming aware testers to pick and practice Automation.
Check out the free previews to understand more what this course has to offer
After completing these course testers can start practicing Selenium on their own and start building Automation scripts. This course also helps to get started on the Selenium certification journey.

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