Udemy – Secrets of a Homeschool Mom: Tips, Tools and Techniques [100% off]


Everyday, parents are considering all their options for their child’s future. If you think Homeschooling may be an option, this class is for you. I am constantly being asked questions about the Homeschool process by parents who are considering homeschooling for the first time. I decided to put together a consolidated video course on how I make it work. 
What I hear most from parents is their need for insight and confidence before making their final decision. There is so much information on the internet that it can be overwhelming. You may hear “bits and pieces” from different people but it is hard to get a detailed picture of the work that is involved. I am a Homeschool Mom of three years in the United States of an elementary age child. At the end of this consolidated video course you will have a clear picture of the process and the confidence to make a decision. 
The scariest part of being a Homeschool parent is not what material to buy. It is “how” to step into the role of a teacher. Teaching is a roller coaster. It will test your patience. I constantly have to make adjustments. My motto is: “Homeschooling is not work it is an adventure.” My daughter and I will demonstrate the teaching methods I used to increase test scores by 50%. 

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