Udemy – Script Your AI and Make Your Enemies Intelligent in Unity [100% off]

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Course Description

Learn how to animate and make your first enemy AI that will chase you.

Harness the power of Unity 3D in order to make great games.

Have you ever wanted to know how does the enemies that appears in games are capable of tracking you down and attack you when as soon as they see you? With the use of the Mechanim animation system (included in Unity) and finite state machines you will be able to make an enemy that sees you, hunts you and attacks you as soon as you enter its range of attack.

Make an enemy that hunts you down

  • Animate a 2D character using sprite sheets.
  • Make it see where you are going.
  • Make it hunt you if you enter its line of sight.
  • Create an animation finite state machine

All assets needed for you to follow along with the course are included for free


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