Udemy – Save $1000s and Months: Test Your Business Idea in 5 Hours [100% off]

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Course Description

LATEST: Course Fully Updated For August 2015

Save thousands of dollars and several months going after the wrong business idea! Master the strategies I used to sell a $220 SAT/ACT eCourse.

No previous experience is needed—I’ll guide you through carefully, step-by-step.

You’ll learn valuable, in-demand skills like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Landing Page Creation and Optimization! +++++++++++++++++++++++

About this course:

Office-Hours Twice a Month where I answer any questions about course materials live over video chat so you are never lost

No previous experience is required

Full, free lifetime access

All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free

Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – I’m confident that this course will help you succeed

Regular free surprise bonuses to increase your income even more!

BONUS templates including HTML forms and event tracking code to get you past the technical jargon so you learn quick

Links to resources so you can explore and master concepts


When to switch business ideas at Brainiac to save months in lost productivity

How to iterate faster- my secret to selling a $220 eCourse with no previous experience

What changes to make to my products- making every dollar in paid advertising data that I can analyze and act upon

…. the online marketplace is literally booming with opportunities. According to IBISworld 100 million Americans purchase goods online.

Today, you can begin to capture a small segment of that market, with just 5 hours of your time and the know-how you will gain in this course.

Your initial goal is to test the best and brightest business idea you have—whether it may be footwear accessories, or a tutoring manifesto. Once you test your idea, you’ll get the data you need to either set the green light on scaling your advertising, and generating a ton of customers (and making money along the way!) or setting up another test to figure out how you can make your idea more marketable.

The only equipment you will need is your laptop. I’ll show you along the way how to purchase your own website name. If you follow the tips in the course, you’ll only need to spend around $15-30 to get this test up and running (and the materials to do many more tests, too!)

Know that if you take this course, you won’t get lost. I’ll show you precisely what I do along each step in the process. I’ll walk you through step-by-step even how to download the software you’ll need. I even haveoffice hours twice a month where you can ask me any questions, live over video chat for an hour. If you can’t make the office hours, you can always shoot me an email, or post a question on the discussion board. Your understanding is my priority.

Whether you already have experience or not, you can quickly begin to make money by testing your ideas until they fit the market … just like me!

I stress that you need no prior experience. But for those of you who do have experience with marketing and landing page design, the wealth of information and tips is well worth the while. Fundamentals are still fundamentals, after all.

You’ll learn

  1. The principles behind high-converting landing pages to get earning faster
  2. Step-by-step, how to write great sales copy with research-back methods
  3. The trick to getting a great deal on your domain to save over 80%
  4. Basic HTML that you’ll need to understand the page you’ll create
  5. How to create a landing page fast—the free way
  6. How to add payment systems so you can receive money on your website
  7. Why your customer’s money is the best validation of a test you can receive
  8. How to add page tracking via Google Analytics so you can make the most out of advertising money
  9. How to add and use event tracking in Google Analytics so you can design a better page (and a better test)
  10. How to create your first online advertising campaign for cheap using Google AdWords
  11. How to track conversions to make simple decisions about the viability of your idea
  12. How to use the data you are gathering to make great decisions about your business idea
  13. Whether you should proceed with an idea, or whether to re-test an idea

… and much, much more!

So, you’ve read this far! Thank you.

Let’s get your entrepreneurial business started. We’ll save $100s and months of wasted time along the way, using the lean methodology of quick, rapid, repeated tests to get the best ideas up and running.

Click the “take this course” button, top right, now … every hour you delay is costing you money, and moving you further away from your dream business.


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