Udemy – Sales Training for Business:How to Become a Sales Rock Star! [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

Learn how to TRANSFORM yourself into a sales superstar! JOIN the top 20% of sales high achievers! Simple, easy teachings revealed!

Do you want to…

  • FAST-TRACK your way to sales success?
  • MULTIPLY your payslip?
  • EARN hugely from sales?

Come with me and together, we will learn the secret personality-traits, which lead to massively over-achieving sales! MASTER this sales wisdom and ENLARGE your wealth!

Single Sentence Summary:

This course will give you the business wisdom that will demonstrate to you exactly what sales success is, and show how you can get there!


RECENTLY ADDED: 2 BONUS Killer Closing Techniques!

What Does this Course Include?

  • ‘Deal-Forensic’ Method!
  • ‘Deal- Analysis’ Method!
  • ARC Motivation’ Theory!
  • 6-step ‘Arrogance Avoidance’ Guide!
  • 3-Step ‘Selling Habits’ Guide!
  • 3-Step ‘Boss Management’ Strategy!
  • 4-Step ‘Sales Ownership’ Guide!
  • Tens of Key Teachings, Key Instructions + Key Takeaways!
  • 2 Bonus Killer-Closing Techniques!

What are the KEY LEARNINGS in this Course?

Learn the Sales Rock Star Mind-Set!

Discover the Secrets to Daily Selling Success!

Know how to Handle Sales Rejection!

Learn to think like a Business Owner!

Course Promises:

  • MASTER the sales secrets that will turn YOU into a high achiever!
  • DISCOVER why the top sales professionals are making millions every year!
  • GAIN critical entrepreneurial skills!
  • ACQUIRE selling knowledge that can make you rich!
  • TRANSFER the secrets of the sales rock star to your job!
  • COMMAND the respect of your work colleagues!

Teaching Promises:

  • Speaking your language – whether you are a seasoned sales professional or just curious about sales this course will be transparent to you
  • From the position of the student – I will pass from teacher to student, and teach the way a student wishes to learn
  • Open and honest with my own personal successes and failures, elaborating with stories where I can to illustrate what I have learnt from personal reflection
  • I willclarify every term, highlight key words, underline core ideas and reinforce fundamental points wherever possible
  • Keeping thingssimple

Can Anyone Interested in Business take this Course?

Yes! It is jargon-free and focuses in on the key learnings that can transform anyone into a star salesperson! You might be a seasoned sales professional looking to brush up your skills, a small business owner, a budding entrepreneur seeking to start a new venture, a professional worker looking to start a career in sales, or maybe you are just curious about sales, this course is absolutely for you! No prior experience or credentials are needed, except a thirst to learn something new!

Enroll now!


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