Udemy – Rule Breaking Method To Publish a Book From a Publisher [100% off] Worth $250!

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Course Description

-What is this course about?-

Are you looking for something unusual? This is a RULE BREAKING METHOD of publishing. This course is designed for those who want to publish a book from a publisher, not self-publishing. By taking this course, you will learn exact steps to publish a book from a professional publisher. It is true that there are lots of platforms and services that provide you with an opportunity for self-publishing. However, this course is focused on the way to publish a book from a publisher because it would endorse your profession and give you more visibility. NO EXPERIENCE OR VISIBILITY ARE REQUIRED.

Self-publishing is truly what you want to do? If you know you can publish a book through a publisher, do you still want to do self-publishing? Publishing a book opens many doors for you, gives you a variety of opportunities, and reinforces your brand value. Whether you are a business person or artist, writing a book allows you to organise your experience and knowledge, to improve your public image, and to have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What you will learn in this course is something which is normally seen as TABOO. You can learn it only here. This is a RULE BREAKING METHOD to skyrocket your creativity to publish a book from a publisher and enhance your personal brand value.

-Who is Masaaki Hasegawa?-

Masaaki Hasegawa is an author, coach, and consultant. He has worked in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and joined international conferences around the world. He has published 2 books about creativity in 2 different languages. One is for everybody who wants to enhance his creativity and the other is for educators to extract creativity of students. His book even sells at IE Business School, which is one of the best business schools in the world. Also, he has more than 2000 students on his course on Udemy.

When he started writing a book, he had no contract with any publisher nor any valuable contacts. He started everything from scratchwith 0 experience. He has published 2 books through publisherswithin a year. I am Japanese and my first book is published in Spain. If I could have done it, why you cannot do it?

-Course structure (5 steps)-

0. Before taking this course

1. Conceptualisation of book

  • Why you need to publish a book
  • Why you need a publisher to

2. Writing a book

  • Deciding a topic of your book
  • Structuring a book
  • Scheduling for book writing
  • Research for writing a book
  • Start writing a book

3. Finding a market for your book

  • Topic analysis (who would like it)
  • Market analysis
  • Selection of language
  • Selection of city

4. Building up strength

  • Selection of bookstores
  • Negotiation with bookstores
  • Relationship with bookstores

5. Selection of publisher

  • Analysis of book
  • Analysis of bookstores

6. Negotiation with publishers

  • Keys to negotiation
  • What publishers want


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