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Interview: How do our thoughts affect our mental well-being 
LATEST: Course updated 7th October 2014
Welcome to our learning community. We will help you to understand your mental well-being and provide you with the best information and exercises to help you to flourish – reduce your stress/anxiety, improve your lifestyle and health, and become mindful of the world around you.

This course integrates a range of therapeutic concepts in simple, interactive exercises that will guide you to understand, track and improve your mental well-being. It is designed to provide you with accessible, engaging and effective material for you to take your first steps in tracking and improving your mental well-being and emotional resilience. 

I provide videos, audio, and presentations that integrate evidence-based therapeutic concepts. I cover the most important areas for mental well-being including mood tracking, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), physical health, exercise, behavioural activation, problem solving, and creating reachable goals to help you. 
This course is supplemental to my free app, Rize. I recommend you take a look and give it a try – a very easy way to practise what is taught here and track your progress. 
The course will take on average thirty days to complete, with no more than twenty minutes each day.
You will be lead through:
– An introduction to mental well-being and your instructor
– The basics of the exercises we will be using, and your supplemental worksheet ‘diary’
– Simple and comfortable lifestyle changes to aim for and accomplish
– Exercises that will help you to ‘flourish’
– Supplementary materials
– Milestone quizzes to make sure you’re absorbing all the information we’re throwing your way 

If you’re unsure don’t worry:
I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with the course.

So click the “Take this course” button, top right, become a part of our learning community and start improving your mental well-being.
John Harper

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