Udemy – Remove Fear Of Interviews And Be Confident Using NLP [100% off]

Course Description

The course titled ” Remove Fear Of Interviews And Be Confident Using NLP ” By Pradeep Aggarwal teaches simple and powerful NLP and Self Hypnosis techniques to overcome nervousness, anxiety , fear and doubt before an important interview .
By taking this course you will be able to instantly feel very relaxed and confident before an important interview . Many tips and techniques have been taught that will help you overcome these obstacles before an important interview for a job.
In this course you will learn
Lecture 1- Introduction To The Course
Lecture 2:Learn Instant Relaxation Using Self Hypnosis
Lecture 3:Learn To Make A Trigger To Relax Instantly
Lecture 4:Learn How To Create An Anchor To Become Confident
Lecture 5: Reverse Spinning Technique To Remove Fear And Anxiety
Lecture 6:Circle Of Excellence Technique
Lecture 7:Lean How To Utilize All The Techniques To Crack Interviews
Lecture 8: Summary Of The Course

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