Udemy – Reasonable Confidence: How To Be Confident, True To Yourself [100% off] Worth $99

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Reasonable Confidence is basically the Reason-Ability system applied to confidence, to help you become more confident in a reasonable way, using what we know from neuroscience as the course backdrop.
It’s Reason x Reasonable.
1. Here’s the REASON why you should do this. It’s based on neuroscience.
2. And here’s a REASONABLE way to do it; marginally, one thing at a time, using the 13×4.
After many decades of dry and obscure laboratory research, the neurosciences are now beginning to bring us real and practical information that we can apply in our everyday lives to increase our levels of happiness, love, productivity and harmony.
That’s what this course is all about.
Practical, easy, reasonable things to do, that make it about as simple as possible to become more confident in everyday life.