Udemy – Real World UX: The Practical Essentials of User Experience [100% off]

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Course Description

User Experience, or UX, is an exciting field. It’s essentially about empowering people to do the things they want to do, which is both fun and gratifying. More importantly, however, having a great user experience is what drives business performance.

Learning UX, however, can be a challenge. Since it’s a relatively young field, there’s no real gold standard yet for how things are practiced, or taught, which can frustrate people who are just trying to learn things the right way in order to apply UX immediately to what they’re doing, as well as students looking to become practitioners.

I created this course because I believe your time is precious, and people shouldn’t have to hunt around to get a practical and flexible foundation in UX. To save you time and help you learn, everything is in one place and taught in a meaningful structured way so you’ll gain a complete understanding of how to practicing UX, from research to strategy to design.

You’ll also find this class is less about theory and terminology, and more focused on how to apply these tools to real world problems you’re facing and tie them back to your bigger picture goals.

There’s a fair bit of material to share, but the content is mostly short, digestible videos, followed by assignments where you’ll apply what you’re learning so it sinks in. And, I’m confident you’ll like this material because I’ve already taught it to hundreds of professionals and university students with great success.

Whether you need to effectively learn UX and apply it to real-world problems immediately, you’re looking to supplement your skillset, or you’re just curious about entering this fun field, this course is designed for you.

This is the course I wish I had when I was entering this field.


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