Udemy – Real Estate: Guide To Wholesaling A House Fast! [55% off]

Course Description

Ever wondered how some investors Flip deals without using any of their own cash or credit? Are you interested in learning the secrets? This course covers the FUNDAMENTALS OF WHOLESALING HOUSES. You will learn what information and techniques to find your cash buyers, find properties under contract, and learn techniques used to flip those contracts for HUGE CHECKS.

This course is perfect for beginningINVESTORS, REALTORS, and PEOPLE interested in the abundant world of Real Estate Investing. For a small price and time you will learn the FUNDAMENTALS and open your mind to things you may have known or not known about this world. Begin COURSE today! What do you have to lose?

SKILLS and TOOLS you will learn:

  • Finding Cash Buyers
    • The most motivated buyers
  • Finding Wholesalers
    • Properties already under contract
  • Flipping Purchase Agreements
    • Selling the deal
  • Closing The Transaction
    • Coordinating with the title/escrow company

The information is this course is VALUABLE to a person who wants to get involved with REAL ESTATE INVESTING to begin learning their options.


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