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React Redux React-Router: From Beginner to Paid Professional

Course Description

  • building many examples such as To do list, YouTube Search API, Imgur Search API
  • 59 lectures (6.5 hours of content) covers the knowledge of ECMAScript 2015(ES6), Redux technologyand React framework from basic to advanced levels.
  • There are many exercises and quizzes in each sections, which help to re-enforce your knowledge before continuing the next section.
  •  Using visual teaching aids such as mindmapcolorful drawingsstimulating animations and mockups to help you master even the most challenging concepts of React and Redux. Has you ever struggle for several months to get familiar with a new framework in other courses? Do you wonder why few developers can easily adapt a new technology while others need too much time and effort in it? In my course, you will be able to work with Redux-React after just 2 WEEKs. The modern teaching and learning method really helps you realize how you will be able to improve yourself and go through the rest of your IT career more comfortably.
  • Your questions and issues will be supported within 24 HOURS !!!!!


This is a well organised course. The curriculum has been created in such a way that learning Redux-React was never so easy before! It is divided into 9 sections:

  • The three first sections focus on Redux technology. These section covers both of basic and advanced knowledge of Redux. You may wonder why I don’t focus on the React project first. The reason is that I need to stress that Redux has no relation to React. You can write Redux apps with React, Angular, Ember, jQuery, or vanilla JavaScript. Redux works especially well with frameworks like React and Deku because they let you describe UI as a function of state, and Redux emits state updates in response to actions. These first sections only apply Redux into plain JavaScript and jQuery. Applying Redux into React immediately will cause you feel hard to distinguish between the knowledge of React and the knowledge of Redux.
  • The fourth section focuses on ECMAScript 2015 (ES6). In fact, you can work with a Redux & React application without using ES6. However, an experienced React developer usuallly try to apply ES6 as much as possible to make his project much more concise and clear. Getting familiar with ES6 will help you go thorough the next sections more comfortably.
  • The fifth section focuses on React framework. This section also shows clearly how to use React Developer Tools. It is an Chrome extension which helps debugging and managing React components, component’s state and props.
  • The sixth and seventh sections illustrates how to apply Redux technology and ES6 efficiently into an React application. After the 6th section, you will know a basic way to use Redux in a React framework. You will also know how to use Redux Dev Tools. It is an Chrome extension which helps debugging and managing Redux state and action. After the 7th section, you will know how to use “React-Redux” library which is an advanced way to handle interactions between Redux and React and make your project a lot shorter and concise.
  • The eighth section guides how to manipulate URLs with React-Redux-Router library
  •  The last one give more advanced knowledge.


  • React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. We built React to solve one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time. 
  • So many companies are adopting React.js every day. Some examples of big companies using React are Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Atlassian. Mastering React framework and Redux technology will offer you a lot of opportunities for the highest paying jobs


  • Managing state in an application is critical, and is often done haphazardly. Redux provides a state container for JavaScript applications that will help your applications behave consistently.
  •  Redux is an evolution of the ideas presented by Facebook’s Flux, avoiding the complexity found in Flux by looking to how applications are built with the Elm language.
  • Redux is useful for React applications


  • Exploring many features of ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) such as Let, Const, Import, Export, Arrow Functions, Cass, Object Destructuring, Array Destructuring, Spread/Rest Operator, Template Strings, Object.assign().
  • Using many advanced JavaScript features which help your Redux React project more concise such as  Array.prototype.map(), Array.prototype.filter(), Function.prototype.bind().
  • Applying the related technologies supporting React such as “React/Redux Developer Tools, NPM, Webpack, Babel,
  •  Using JSX syntax to make the React project more elegant.

Note again: We’re very confident to give you a 30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked, so make sure to Enroll Now!


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