Udemy – Reach your dreams w/ 7 simple steps that you can DO TODAY! [100% off]


Everyone has a deep desire to live a greater life than the one they are currently living. These desires are called “dreams.” Dreams can make you miserable if they remain as dreams, taunting you with what your life could be. On the other hand they can be an inspiration and reason to wake up in the morning if you know you can reach them. And reaching them is not as complicated as you think! 
Find your dream and reach it with “Live your life with purpose through 7 simple steps”!
– Discover what your dream is if you are not quite sure.
– Easily break your dream down into simple steps.
– Give purpose to your dream by making it serve others.
– Build an dream insurance plan by creating a safety net.
– Grow daily through a personal growth plan.
Find your dream, and start chasing your dream TODAY with a simple plan!
In this course you will learn how to identify your dream by discovering your strengths and passions. After knowing what your dream is, you will be able to create a plan to achieve your dream and live a life full of purpose. You will be able to live with passion by sharing your dream with others. Lastly, you will be able to respond to the unpredictability of life. 
In this course you will follow the following steps (1 per day):
1. Clarify your dream: Learn how to give life to your dream by defining the details.
2. Create a map: Break your dream into small steps on a personal timeline.
3. Serve: Give your dream life by making it about a cause greater than yourself.
4. Recruit a dream team: Create a safety net for your dream by getting trusted friends involved.
5. Cultivate consistency: Make a plan to work on your dream TODAY!
6. Grow up: ward: Learn how to grow yourself as your grow your dream.
7. Respond: Overcome life’s obstacles as your chase your dream. 
This course will help you find purpose and meaning for your life on a daily basis. Anyone can do it! 

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