Udemy – Quit Grains in 21 Days to Get Relief [100% off]

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Course Description

Course updated: 8/8/2015. New discussion added: Let’s Talk Hope.

Transition from a grain-based diet like the Standard American Diet to a grain-free lifestyle for RELIEF from disruptive and unpleasant effects from eating grains. Learn the shortcuts to accelerate your progress toward your optimal wellness. Acquire the knowledge, skills, tools, recipes, meal plans, and success strategies you need to succeed at your grain-free lifestyle launch!

Become a Wellness Detective to Decode Your Body’s Demands

  • Collect data about how what you eat impacts your mind, emotions, and body;
  • Create your own meal plans;
  • Learn success strategies to avoid potential pitfalls during this transition;
  • Instead of a deprivation diet, EAT YOUR WAY toward optimal wellness!

Invest in Your Wellness Today

Because you reside in your body every moment, you have an amazing opportunity to make observations that no one else could possibly witness! Does your energy spike and plummet? Is your stomach sending up flares? Does a fog roll over your brain? Is your mood stable and positive or are you suddenly exhilarated, anxious, or aggressive?

A radical transformation in your optimal wellness must start with YOU! I will travel alongside you as your Power Partner on your journey across the bridge that spans the “Grain Divide” from the high-grain-diet side (i.e., the Standard American Diet) to the vibrant green pastures of a grain-free lifestyle.

Through video lecture and workbook exercises, you’ll learn how to collect data about your unique body. As you collect this data, we’ll break wellness-sabotaging habits and replace them with a wellness-promoting routine. You will pull from the 50+ delicious, grain-free recipes included in this course to create your lifestyle-launch meal plan. You will discover what can get in the way of implementing your well-designed plan, and how to break through common barriers for a successful lifestyle launch! At the end of your three-week lifestyle launch, we will do a full review of your progress.

I’ve packed up all the gear we’ll need on our wellness journey together; all I need is your commitment to changing your life. Enroll now. Embark on your grain-free adventure today!



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