Udemy – QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Bundle [100% off] Worth $149!

QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Bundle

Course Description

Unlike many QuickBooks courses we have incorporated and included the Bookkeeping and Accounting basics behind each QuickBooks Transaction. For example you will learn about Accounts Payable, which is a Bookkeeping/Accounting function and then we show you how that transaction works in QuickBooks. We end the course with “normal” business transactions to help you understand how these transactions are handled in QuickBooks. 
This course is taught through easy to follow videos of the Bookkeeping/Accounting explanations and followed by the QuickBooks training video to reinforce the subject. You will learn about Accounts Payable/Vendors, Accounts Receivable/Customers, Financial Statements, Loans, Inventory, and more. Quizzes will be given in certain sections and your will earn a Certificate of Completion. 

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