Udemy – Python Bible for 2019: A Python Mega Course with 10 Projects [100% OFF]

Course Description

If you are looking to Learn Python programming language from Scratch with Hands on Approach, then you are on right place…

This course will teach you Python in a Practical Manner…

It is Most Comprehensive and Straight-Forward course on Python programming !

With this Mega course you will Go from Beginner to Expert in Python…

Here we cover a Wide Variety of Topics, including 10 Project:

1) Data Structures in Python

2) File Handling Basics, Operators and Built in functions in Python

3) Statements and Loops

4) Functions and Lambda Expressions

5) Object Oriented Programming

6) Modules and Packages

7) Errors and Exceptions Handling

8) Decorators and Generators

9) Date time Module in Python

10) Regular Expressions

11) Working with Files

12) Working with Images

13) Encryption and Decryption in Python

14)  Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Python


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