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Python teaches you to think like a programmer were the famous words by Allen Downey in his book Think Python. Like other languages, you do not need to waste time in memorizing syntax. Instead, you can focus on programming concepts and paradigm. Easy to learn doesn’t mean that it’s a kid’s toy. Python is used by NASA for shuttle support.
If this is your first time, Python can also be your stepping stone to the programming world. Employers are looking for fully stacked programmers and Python will help you to get there. Just like, JS, C++ C#, Perl, Ruby, Python is also an object oriented programming language and learning Python will make you easily adaptable to other such environments.
Why learn Python Basics?

·Free to use

      : It is a totally free language to download, use and play with, that’s because a bunch of crazy volunteers who devote their time to improving the language

·Google uses it

      : Python is one of Google’s preferred languages, they are always looking to hire experts in it and they have created many of their popular products with it

·Up to date

      : Because of Python’s volunteers and the fact that it’s an open source

language there

      are always people trying to improve it

·It’s versatile

    : Ok, I promised no techie stuff so I’ll keep it simple. Python can be used for small, large, online and offline projects
In this course, you will learn about basics Python and you will get to try those with us in the form of examples. The course is packaged with Mini Project (Hangman) where you can actually apply your knowledge to create the game. There are working files which you may use in case of any doubt.
Course includes:
– 2+ hours of video tutorials
– Project (Hangman game)
– 7 Short Quizzes to test your understanding
– Yoda’s Cheat Sheet
You can visit our other courses on Udemy.

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