Udemy – Python 101 [100% off] Worth $99

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Python is one of top 5 programming languages today. If you want to pursue a career in IT, this language is a must for you. It is a simple scripting language and you can learn in no time.
 My course will cover all core concepts of Python. It is created with over 55 lecture videos and 9 hours of video content. I will be explaining all the concepts in detail with lots of examples. It is divided into 12 nice modules.

The course covers the following topics:
Section1: installation Python and Eclipse IDE.
Section2: Basics of Python Objects like Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Operators, Code indentation explained.
Section3: Conditionals & Loops.
Section4: String Objects.
Section5: List Objects
Section6: Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries.
Section7: Functions, Iterators and Generators.
Section8: Using Modules.
Section9: Python Classes & Objects.
Section10: File Handling.
Section11: Exceptions.
Section12: Database Programming with Python.

The Course is available to you forever and you can learn at your own pace. I think one can easily complete the course in a weeks time, by spending couple of hours a day.

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