Udemy – Public Speaking for the Terrified! [100% off]

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Course Description

The Public Speaking for the Terrified course is a complete beginners guide, and is aimed at novice speakers, and/or anyone who is terrified at the thought of speaking in public. The course is designed to take you from being terrified of giving a presentation, to feeling confident and in control when public speaking.

In the course, we have taken the Top 10 Fears in Public Speaking, and are giving you all the tools and techniques you need to allow you to overcome these fears.

The course is taught over a series of 20 talking head videos (total 4+ hours of video). There’s a lecture covering the psychology of feeling nervous, a lecture introducing Brain Training, and a lecture on the 3P Model of Speaking Success. This is followed by 10 lectures, each one dealing with a different fear in Public Speaking and more importantly, giving you the practical and psychological tools you need to beat these fears. There are also 3 separate Brain Training lectures, and a bonus lecture on “What to Do if Things Go Wrong”. This really is a complete course on “How to” in Public Speaking, with lots of great public speaking tips.

There is also a PDF to accompany each lecture, as well as a set of printable Brain Training cards so that students can print off the material and use it when, and as it suits them.

Why should you take this course?

Because the trick to being a good public speaker is about being able to demonstrate 2 things: CONFIDENCE and CONTROL… and this course will show you how to do both. By the end of the course you will be able to put together and a powerful and engaging presentation, and deliver it with confidence and style.


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