Udemy – Presentation Techniques: Speak Your Way To Stardom [100% off]

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Presentation Techniques: Speak Your Way To Stardom

Course Description

“Speak Your Way To Stardom” is a high-impact training program specifically designed to bring out the star speaker in you!

Why take this course?

As a matter of fact, people pay tens of thousands of dollars to perfect the art of public speaking. Think about it: if you invest $5,000 in your training to become a bestselling speaker and your own back-end programs are priced at, say, $2,500 each – how many sales do you need to cover your training cost?

Just 2 easy sales. The rest is pure profit!

Now not everybody has that kind of funds laying around so unfortunately, they have to opt for the second option which is to learn the hard way by making mistakes.

This course attempts to fill this gap!

Speak Your Way To Stardom reveals how to be a best-selling speaker, promoting your own high-end programs from the stage and/or through webinars. And you don’t have to pay the hefty price others pay – be it thousands of dollars in investment or in mistakes!

In this course, you will be able to learn:

  1. How to set-up your goals to deliver high-impact messages
  2. How to design a professional presentation in 30 minutes
  3. How to overcome mental barriers and build your confidence
  4. How to eliminate brain gaps and how to time your presentations
  5. 10 interesting exercises to deliver better presentations
  6. How to handle difficult questions and wow your audience
  7. How to boost your credibility and soft-sell your back-end programs
  8. How to have a packed hall using low-cost, high-converting traffic methods
  9. How to eliminate your stage fright with practice
  10. How to sell your programs using webinars
    & much more…

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