Udemy – PowerPoint for Crucial Presentations [100% off] Worth $97 !

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Experience the confidence that a solid story with awesome slides can give you when presenting.
Crucial presentations are the ones that can get you:
  • A job promotion
  • More resources for your project
  • An audience that is convinced about your ideas
  • An inflow of money from venture capitalists
It is very important that you don’t fumble these opportunities and risk being criticized by giving boring, traditional presentations.
This course is about how to communicate effectively. It includes 31 lectures with 5 hours of content organized in 3 main sections:
  1. How to create a powerful, compelling story
  2. How to create engaging slides that support the story
  3. How to deliver your presentation with confidence
You also get the following Bonuses:
  1. Free subscription to “Presentation Blueprint Weekly Video Series”: It includes one video per week for a year. That’s 52 additional videos delivered right to your inbox with detailed “how-to” tips and tricks.
  2. Video on How To Present to Executives: Covers five common challenges when presenting to executives such as having less time to present, how to deal with executives multi-tasking, what if the decision maker leaves the room, how to bring them back when they are having multiple conversations and how to react when they start solving a different topic.
I know you are probably thinking of this:
1) Isn’t this stuff available for free on the internet?
Answer: Actually… no. While there are hundreds, I mean thousands of videos out there of people giving you PowerPoint tips there’s no one that packages the information in a structured way. So stop wasting time browsing the internet. Here you will find all the insider tips to successful presentations. 
2) I already know PowerPoint so I don’t need this
Answer: This is not a basic PowerPoint training. In fact, I assume you know your way around it and instead my focus is on taking your skills to the next level by teaching you about design principles and how to apply them to your slides. 
3) This is too risky of an investment. Not sure if this is right for me
Answer: Crucial presentations need to be flawless and this course gives you specific tips to do that. I invite you to watch the free videos in this page so you get an idea of my teaching style. Also know that if you are not satisfied with the course you can cancel within 30 days and Udemy will refund your money, no questions asked. In other words, you have nothing to risk here! 
All eyes are on you when addressing a group. Don’t let a bad presentation damage your reputation! Enroll now to get started right away. 

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