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Course Description

Startups don’t fail because they can’t get the technology built. They fail because they can’t get customers and because they do not understand their competitors.

Tracking your competitors may not be the most highbrow thing to do, but it’s extremely effective. Think of it this way: There are several companies that do what you do. If you want to know what works, you could review your records and see which products or pieces of content have done best. Or you could use their work to find out what gets the best results.

As you automate your marketing with triggered emails, scheduled tweets and regular content on your blog, don’t forget about automating the tracking of your competitors.

There are a number of cool ways to track your competitors in Google, social media and even email marketing. In this course, we’ll study about the web scraping techniques, which will help you to collect data and track your competitors in a wonderful easy way. We will learn and study basics, advanced features, tricks and tips to make this happen with as little effort as possible.

The tool, and techniques we will teach bring you live data from thousands of websites tailored specifically to suit your company’s needs. The solutions provide your business with quality data sets that are efficient and massively scalable.

Knowing how to systematically drive web scraping is a tremendous source of competitive advantage. Whether you’re a founder looking to jump start your growth efforts, or an engineer, marketer, or entrepreneur looking to acquire these skills, this course will give you a huge increase in effectiveness.

There is a lot of data on the web, but it is trapped inside web pages. Learn how you can extract and parse these data in a structured way, with no need of coding at all.

This course is meant for those who want to crush their competitors, and grow fast. It will give you basic, advanced ways, and techniques that will help you to be more efficient in growing, sales, and marketing while you are beating your competitors.

This course is for those who want to:

  1. Create lists of leads.
  2. Capture data on the fly
  3. Make deep competitive analysis of your competitors.
  4. Understand what is growth hacking is and how to use it to the most.

It will give you basic, advanced ways, and techniques to be more efficient in growing, sales, and marketing while you are beating your competitors using Import-io tool.


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