Udemy – POWER – Sales Questions that Open Doors and Close Deals [100% off] Worth $297 !!


“Good Sales People – Have Good Answers…
Great Sales People – Ask Great Questions !”
Q : How do you know when you’ve asked a great question?
A: When you’re surprised by the answer… 
People make decisions for their reasons – not always the right ones
POWER – Sales Questions that Open Doors & Close Deals is a complete 1-on-1 sales coaching program – Nothing is Left Out. 
Get the Inside Stuff No One Else Gets and Start Selling More by Talking Less.
Why waste time trying to make people interested..?
-Let Them Tell You All The Reasons Why They Should Buy
Learn the Essence & Form of asking effective questions.
(Your competition has no idea this even exists)
Discover the 4 most important questions we can ask in the beginning to ensure we are headed in the right direction and not wasting our time.
(This one is going to make you a lot of money)
Have you ever given someone too much information and slowed the process down as a result? How about getting to specific too fast, confusing the situation, using industry slang and buzzwords that they do not understand? 
When someone explains their reasons to us – the effect is that they feel like we understand where they are coming from. 
If we want to increase our value, then we have to start working on higher value problems.
Let your competition give good answers without knowing if the answers they give are helping or hurting the sales situation. 
You… start asking great questions and increase the value of the problems you solve.
The competition, they believe it’s their job to come in everyday and turn on the quote machine, hope for the best and turn it off with the lights at the end of the day. 
Get clear on why they want it, what happens if they don’t get it and build a case for how to sell what it is that they want – in their words, not yours. Then simply get out of the way, so they can have it. After all, the customer is always right. 

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