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      Did you know that, according to Standish Group and other reports?!

      -Only 16.2 % of software projects completed on time and on budget,
      -31% of projects will be cancelled before they start
      -Over half of all projects will cost more than 189% of original estimates

      Stand out of the crowd as a Project Management Professional (PMP)

      Together in this course, we’ll learn what are the ingredients of successful projects, how to become a Professional Project Manager and get hired by the world-wide top companies

        ·Program Outlines:
      1. Project Management context, framework and processes.
      2. Integration Management.
      3. Scope Management.
      4. Cost Management.
      5. Schedule Management.
      6. Quality Management.
      7. Communication Management.
      8. Risk Management.
      9. HR management.
      10. Procurement Management.
      11. Stakeholder Management
      12. Professional and Social Responsibility
      13. Tips and Tricks for the Exam (to be updated)
      14. Tips and tricks to land a decent job as a project manager (to be updated)
      15. A practical Examples using MS Project Professional.

However and instead of the traditional way of memorizing knowledge areas and processes’ ITTOs, I’ll take you into a more comprehensive and interesting way that makes you stand out as a real professional project manager. 
I’ll make sure to help you the deep know-how of project management starting from the initiation of the project, to planning the project, executing the project, monitoring and controlling the project and ending by closing the project. 
I’ll also provide you with more than 30 templates for almost any type of document that you might want to use in your project, such as project charter, stakeholder register, schedule management plan…etc. 
We’ll also work together using the MS project tool to create a project plan for creating a course on Udemy platform, where you will enjoy the power and simplicity of MS Project in creating project plans. 

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