Udemy – PL/SQL by Example [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

Learn to become a PL/SQL developer in just four weeks.

This fast, easy and effective course will take you from zero PL/SQL writing skills to being able to write efficient programs to process data.

PL/SQL is the Oracle Procedural Language extension of SQL. A PL/SQL program can have both SQL statements and procedural statements. In the PL/SQL program, the SQL statements are used to access sets of data stored in a database, while the procedural statements are used to process individual piece of data and control the program flow.

In this course participants will learn

  • Describe the features and syntax of PL/SQL
  • Design PL/SQL anonymous blocks that execute efficiently
  • Use the Oracle supplied PL/SQL packages to generate screen output
  • Create and debug stored procedures and functions
  • Design PL/SQL packages to group related constructs
  • Use PL/SQL programming constructs and conditionally control code flow
  • Create overloaded package subprograms for more flexibility
  • Handle runtime errors using Exceptions
  • Writing manageable code using Records
  • Storing and processing data using Collections
  • Processing data using Implicit and Explicit Cursors

Softwares used

  • Oracle Database 11g
  • SQL Developer


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