Udemy – Play Any Song in ANY 12 Keys Using A Powerful Number Method [100% off]

Play Any Song in ANY 12 Keys Using A Powerful Number Method

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Are you frustrated in playing songs in different keys? 
Do you want to learn how to transpose a song easily at the piano? 
Here’s the Secret: Learn how to turn a score sheet into a Powerful Number Method so that you can play any song in 12 Keys without the need to transpose the song into 12 score sheets for the different keys. 
All you need is just ONE music number sheet to play in all 12 Keys. 
LEARN MY 5 FINGER TRICK to play in all 12 Keys with ‘simplified FINGERING and handshape’. so that you can quickly pick up any of these number notations to transpose to any key at the piano. 
Most of us learned the traditional fingering of playing the 12 Major Scales. It takes long years to master the 12 Major scales to play in 12 different keys. The traditional fingering works great for classical music but if you want to play songs, you need to follow another path. 
In this course, I show you the 5 Finger Trick to play your songs easily in any 12 Keys. All you need to do is to follow the number method and how apply it to ONE song. You will then be able to apply this method to any of your favorite song and play in any key. 
My 5 Finger Trick is very simple and it would not clash with any of your traditional learning at all. I explain everything in the course. The easy handshape and fingering help you play easily in the different keys, even in the more difficult keys such as Db Key, Gb Key or B Key. 
Once you master a key, you can use any kind of fingering you please to play your songs. The whole idea is to help you play with ease right away in any 12 Keys. 

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