Udemy – Plan, design and teach online courses on Udemy and beyond [100% off]

Plan, design and teach online courses on Udemy and beyond

*** JUST LAUNCHED! 20 Feb 2015 ***

Do you want to share your passion and expertise with the world by becoming an instructor on Udemy? ..but, perhaps you don’t have much actual teaching experience or maybe you haven’t made an online course before?

This course will help you to plan, design, and teach an online course, with a really solid teaching approach that your students will love.

We go through the steps of taking an idea for a course that’s floating around in your mind, all the way through to publishing:c

Figuring out what to teach and testing if there’s a market for it
Working on a teaching approach and detailed course plan
Looking at various ways to present lessons
What to actually say in a lesson
Some quick tips on production
Evaluation and student feedback
Every lesson in this course has a practical skill that you can learn to develop your own course plan and teaching approach. You can get started pretty quickly and work on your own courses progressively while learning here.

The steps and advice in this course are based on years of research and my experience in professional educational design, teacher support, and multimedia production, particularly in the field of online learning.

So, if you’d like to teach online, then take this course now, and I’ll see you inside!

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