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Course Description

Course updated 04/3/15

Everyone would love to be able to play the piano but most people believe the piano is too hard to play and that you have to read music to do it. This is simply not true and we have plenty of great reviews that prove this point.

How does this sound, be playing songs on the piano within hours with:

  1. No reading music?
  2. No hours of dull practice, get better by playing the songs you want to?
  3. No scales?
  4. Be able to say “Yes I play the piano”!
  5. Be playing meaningful music faster than you dreamed possible
  6. Have the skills to improvise and play by ear
  7. Have the skills to create your own music like this person….

“Well, I am just blown away by this. This is such an easy system. I am kicking myself that I did not know this sooner. I would have been playing piano for years by now if I’d realised how easy it would be.” Udemy user

Do you know what a chord is? it’s a bunch of notes, usually three of them that sound great together. All the songs you hear are made up of chords. They are the building blocks of songs. If you know enough chords you can play any song. We can teach you 48 of them in under an hour. To put that into perspective 14 chords is enough to play hundreds of thousands of songs – most songs only use 4! You’ll have 14 chords at your fingertips within 20 minutes with this course.

I’m a professional musician (see the biog) with 20 years top flight experience and also an in demand teacher specialising in developing ways of making this stuff as simple and easy to understand as possible, we are good and we’ve been asked to demonste our findings and methods at some of the world’s top universities.



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